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Residential Life and Housing

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Across 6 residence halls, 26 townhouses, and dozens of dining options, our goal is singular: to provide an environment that inspires you to be at your best. From the food we serve to the spaces we create, know that these aren’t just the basic necessities—they’re the foundation for everything you do here. Behind all of our facilities and programs is a dedicated staff working to make sure you feel safe, supported, and ready each day.

Residential Life and Housing hopes that the following pages will give you a better understanding of the kinds of services we provide for our students living on campus. Pratt Institute maintains six residence halls and 26 Townhouses accommodating over 1,900 students.

The mission of Residential Life and Housing is to efficiently and effectively administer a housing program in a learning centered environment that challenges and supports students to:

  • Enhance self-understanding
  • Value community responsibility
  • Learn from their experiences

We hope the resources provided here will help you make the most of your on campus experience. When in doubt you can always turn to your RA, your Hall Director or any of the staff in the main office in 105 of Willoughby Hall.

Residence Halls

Living on campus is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the Pratt experience and become a part of the community—especially in your first year. We’ve designed our student housing to become more independent as you do, preparing you to live off campus in your upper years at Pratt, or after graduation.

Off-Campus Housing

Many students choose to live off campus after their first year. To help you navigate off-campus housing and understand your options, we’ve compiled a variety of resources and are always available to help.

Dining Options

Whether you’re grabbing lunch in the dining room, or need a quick bite before class, students on campus will tell you: the food at Pratt is genuinely good, and it’s good for you. Across our 5 on-campus dining places, food is made fresh daily with many of our ingredients sourced from local farms and vendors. Our meal plans are available to all and required for first-year students who live on campus. This gives you access to tax-free meals and an easy way to connect with the Pratt community.