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For Parents

Welcome Parents and Families! 

We are thrilled to have you join our community. Here at Pratt, your student will engage in an exciting and traditional college experience, while studying with an award-winning faculty of practicing artists, architects, designers, writers and librarians who are committed to enhancing your student’s artistic and intellectual development.Pratt partners with family members so you can connect with one another,  we provide updates and reminders about important dates, and share information to support your student throughout their Pratt experience.

We encourage you to bookmark this page for future updates but if you have questions at any time, please call Student Affairs at 718.636.3639 or email us at

Mission Statement

The mission of Parent and Family Programs at Pratt is to provide parents/guardians with the resources to support and encourage the success of their Pratt student. Pratt Institute recognizes that parents/guardians are valuable members of the Pratt community and have much to contribute. We encourage family involvement in the Pratt Community.

Parent and Family Philosophy

  • Pratt seeks to develop a relationship with parents/guardians that is a partnership. We believe that family members are partners in our efforts to help our students become responsible advocates for themselves.
  • To further this partnership, we are committed to taking parent/guardian concerns into consideration when appropriate and for communicating with families about events, deadlines and other information relevant to the Pratt student experience.
  • While we value the involvement of parents/guardians, we promote student responsibility. Therefore whenever possible we work directly with students in order to provide appropriate services, support them as they meet the challenges of the Pratt experience and respond to their concerns and questions.

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Get to know Pratt from anywhere in the world with our virtual campus tour. We’ll show you the residence halls, dining halls, studios, and more in a journey that’s both immersive and informative.

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Get Connected

If you have specific questions about how to connect with us or other parents, or are not sure who to contact, please email us at

Parent Access

As a parent of a Pratt student, you have access to many of the features of Pratt’s online networks from financial aid, billing, and payment to grades and notifications. All of the information is located under the link below entitled Self-Service at As soon as your student provides authorization for your access, it will be available to you.

Federal regulations mandate that access to student data is conditional based on student authorization. Students can allow relatives/sponsors to view their student information using the Self-Service Proxy module. The “View/Add Proxy Access” process empowers the student with the ability to add and rescind access to their student information. Once access is given or rescinded, you will be notified via your email specified on file. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that this address is accurate.

Additional information and instructions can be found by students logging in with their Onekey here.

Local Accommodations

View a list of local accommodations.

Local Storage

View a list of local storage and moving companies.

Resources Near Pratt

View Myrtle Ave dining, shopping, banking – Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership .

Campus Food Service

AVI is our food service provider and operates the Dining Hall, PI Shop, Higgins Cafe, and Design Center Cafe in Brooklyn and the Micromart at Pratt Manhattan campus. Operating Hours for the Dining Hall along with the weekly menu can be found here: