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We are dedicated to student advocacy, support and 幸福. 

Student volunteers at an information table during student orientation.

澳门赌场 Institute is a diverse and dynamic community of artists and creative individuals committed to making an impact in their chosen careers, their community, 这个世界. Our students are actively engaged in their academic 项目 and studios.

The Division of 学生事务 is focused on enhancing the students’ classroom experience by creating a sense of belonging and providing the support students need to be successful at 澳门赌场. The Division of 学生事务 provides exciting opportunities for programming and community engagement; career, 物理, and emotional wellness; and academic support and 资源. The Division of 学生事务 is composed of the following offices focused on facilitating and supporting personal growth, 幸福, lifelong learning, and career success.


  1. Delmy Lendof

    Vice President for 学生事务

  2. Rhonda Schaller

    AVP for Resilience, Wellness and Well-being; Credit Continuing Education Instructor

  3. 贾斯汀•凯利

    Assistant Vice President for Student Life

  4. 莫妮卡詹姆斯

    Executive Assistant to the VP for 学生事务

  5. Nadine舒勒

    Office Manager, 学生事务

  6. 亚历克斯·费雪

    Operations Manager


  1. 迈克尔·阿诺

    Director of Institutional Equity and 第九条

    Institutional Equity & 第九条

  2. 玛丽莎Lobianco

    Director of Career & Professional Development

    Center for Career and Professional Development

  3. 黛比•斯科特

    Director of 健康 Services

    健康 Services

  4. Martha Cedarholm

    Director of Student Support & 宣传

    VP Student Services

  5. 凯瑟琳·黑尔

    Director of Residential Life

    Residential Life & 住房

  6. Caroline Kasnakian

    Director of Counseling

    Counseling Center

  7. 艾玛Legge

    Director of Student Involvement


  8. Kristin Oberheide

    Director of International Affairs

    Office of International Affairs

  9. 沃尔特·理查德

    Director of 体育运动 and 娱乐


  10. 希瑟Shpiro

    Director of 学生的成功


  11. Elisabeth Sullivan

    Director of the Learning Access Ctr

    Learning Access Center

  12. 大卫Vu

    Director of 住房 Operations

    Residential Life & 住房


As a partner in the academic enterprise, the 学生事务 Division:

  • Develops 项目 and 服务 that encourage student success, personal growth and wellbeing
  • Fosters a campus environment that is conducive to student development and promotes the All- Institute Learning Goals
  • Provides support, 访问, and advocacy for students as they meet the opportunities and challenges of the 澳门赌场 experience

Enduring Goals:
Outcomes and Actions

  • Provide campus-wide leadership for advancing student success inside and outside of the classroom
  • Build an engaged community that increases student satisfaction with the 澳门赌场 experience
  • Enhance and promote the myriad opportunities for students to be responsible and active participants in the 澳门赌场 community
  • Provide education, 资源 and experiences for students to think critically, make effective and ethical decisions, develop healthy lifestyles and make career choices with clarity and confidence
  • Cultivate a global environment that celebrates and supports diverse viewpoints, enhances intercultural experiences and promotes an understanding of the impact of oppression, inequality and social justice.
  • Advocate for 访问ible, 项目, 服务, facilities and technologies to improve the overall student experience and increase the diversity of the student body
  • Maintain transparent communication and provide opportunities for compassionate dialogues and 资源
  • Prioritize building resilience and 幸福 into 项目 and communications to provide the inspiration, 资源, and connection to support the 澳门赌场 community
  • Integrate learning assessments into all student affairs 项目 and 服务