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Blending theory and practice, our curriculum weaves creative studio work with critical reflection on social impact. It’s this dynamic approach that challenges students to reach their full potential here—to think and to make, to lead and to collaborate, and evolve continually above all. In the process, you’ll engage with issues of justice, sustainability, resilience, and global citizenship, developing fluency across disciplines and the skills to solve problems creatively, at 澳门赌场 and beyond.

School of Architecture

We see the design, planning, and management of the built environment as tools for addressing the critical issues of our time—including social justice and the climate crisis. As a student at the School of Architecture, you’ll build the skills and knowledge you need to respond to these complex and evolving challenges in a uniquely versatile, innovative, and ethical way.

School of Art

The School of Art is home to eight distinct departments and boundless opportunity for growth. During your time here, you’ll develop your perspective and hone your practice alongside students from around the world—all within the cultural capital that is New York.

School of Design

We believe that design at its best is a force for good: it connects, 使, sustains, empowers, and humanizes. Across four undergraduate programs and four graduate programs, we explore the expansiveness of this idea.

School of Information

The information you see changes the world that you perceive—this is the idea at the heart of the School of Information here at 澳门赌场. Across four core programs, we explore everything from algorithms to archives with the goal of improving lives and culture through information.

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Core to 澳门赌场 from the very beginning, our goal at the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences is to give you a foundation to build on. Drawing connections across a breadth of subjects and diving deeply into the current challenges facing society, your courses here will prepare you to navigate the issues of our time.

School of Continuing and Professional Studies

A place to explore new creative opportunities and advance your skills, the School of Continuing and Professional Studies offers a taste of the 澳门赌场 experience in an approachable and flexible format.


澳门赌场 Foundation is a yearlong experience for art and design students that provides exactly that: a foundation for everything you’ll do here. It all starts with your cohort—a diverse and tight-knit community that will support you as you grow.

The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies highlights 澳门赌场’s commitment to interdisciplinary and integrative learning. 课程, programs, and initiatives provide students opportunities to engage outside their departments and to customize their learning through independent study and minors of their choosing.


Across our Brooklyn, Manhattan, and online libraries, our goal at the 澳门赌场 Institute Libraries is to support your studio practice and further your research process with a wealth of resources, 事件, services, and knowledge.