澳门赌场 Institute’s MFA program provides advanced education for artists supported by distinguished faculty, 特殊设施, 还有同龄人的支持. Driven by exploration 和 enriched by the abundance 和 inspiration of New York City, 澳门赌场’s critically engaged faculty respond to each student’s individual practice, fostering their development within the diverse cultures 和 myriad practices of contemporary art-making.

尼基·特里绘画, 用黄色和黑色的抽象立方体, 画与真实的笔触和质量
Fine Arts


澳门赌场’s MFA Fine Arts degree supports interdisciplinary practice. Many students remain committed to the area of interest that they identified upon entering the program—whether painting 和 drawing, 版画, 然而,雕塑或综合实践, they are free to explore other forms 和 approaches as their work evolves. 教师 和 students build close relationships through structured studio visits, 研讨会, 非正式的谈话. These relationships create a vital community 和 supportive network that endures long after graduation.

Groups of people in a room with concrete floor 和 white walls, 类似于画廊, 房间中间的承重柱
BFAMFAPhD, Residents in 项目第三 Opening Reception, 2018

社区 & 编程

We are a vibrant, socially-engaged 和 generous community! The department initiates many discussions around contemporary 问题 和 collaborates with arts organizations to ensure we actively participate in the cultural life of the surrounding neighborhood, 以及 broader national 和 international communities. 其中两个倡议是 项目第三 和 . 项目第三 is a gallery residency where artists/collaborative groups whose work is research-oriented 和/or motivated by the desire to instigate social change are invited to campus. Recent residents include artist Shaun Leonardo (2019) 和 the collaborative BFAMFAPhD (2018). 派 (澳门赌场 Institute Editions) works with artists 和 alumni to produce limited edition prints in collaboration with our students. We actively consider innovative ways to make sure that we are part of the cultural conversation 和 include students in developing these initiatives.


课程设置严谨而灵活, offering wide latitude for exploration while fostering critical perspectives 和 a deeper underst和ing of the histories, 问题, cultural 和 transdisciplinary contexts that inform art practices today. 艺术世界就在我们家门口, there are many opportunities to meet influential contemporary 策展人, 批评人士, 文化生产者. Professional practice education is integrated throughout the program, providing students the tools they need to make their way as professional artists 和 cultural innovators after graduation.

对艺术品的批判, 发生在白色墙壁的房间里, 一排排的椅子上坐着学生和教职员工
Fine Arts硕士,公共评论,2019


Our faculty are active professional artists distinguished by their numerous national 和 international exhibitions 和 inclusion in major publications. Many have also received significant awards from prestigious organizations such as the Guggenheim 基金会, 国家艺术基金会, 路易·康福特·蒂芙尼基金会, 琼·米切尔基金会, 波洛克-克拉斯纳基金会, 创造性的资本, 以及纽约艺术基金会. 


研究生Fine Arts设施非常出色. Students have individual studios located in the Pfizer Building, a renovated industrial building that also houses our fabrication shops, 展览空间, 研讨会的房间, 还有一个学生休息室. 校园设施包括一个设备齐全的木工车间, 金属车间, 打印店, 陶瓷工作室, 暗室, 和 a digital output lab with high-resolution scanners 和 printers, 以及 校园专用画廊. There are many opportunities to show work in a variety of traditional 和 non-traditional spaces 和 students are encouraged to curate exhibitions. MFA students host a public open studio event 和 in the spring, 所有二年级学生都举办论文展览.

concrete sculpture with fabric coil coming out of the top, 蓝色圆形底座, 在与其他雕塑一起展出的房间里
Rebecca Sutton,Fine Arts雕塑艺术硕士,22岁


In addition to a regular schedule of studio visits by faculty members, the department’s 访港艺术家讲座系列 (VALS) brings internationally renowned artists to campus to give public lectures 和 conduct individual studio visits with graduate students. 澳门赌场艺术家联盟 (朋友, Fine Arts研究生俱乐部)邀请艺术家, 策展人, 影评人参观影楼, 和 organizes open studios 以及 other student-generated programming 和 exhibitions. 


Fine Arts校友蓬勃发展. 研究生s have been accepted into prestigious residencies such as Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture; Black Rock, Senegal; MacDowell Colony; the Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program; the Elizabeth 基金会; 和 the Whitney Independent Study Program. Our alumni have exhibited at museums such as the Brooklyn Museum, 惠特尼美国艺术博物馆, 和现代艺术博物馆, 还有国内和国际画廊.

校友 have received grants from around the world such as Anonymous Was A Woman, 创造性的资本, 波洛克-克拉斯纳基金会, 琼·米切尔画家 & Sculptors Grant, 和 the John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship. Their work is represented in international public 和 private collections including the Guggenheim Museum, 哈莱姆工作室博物馆, 华盛顿国家Fine Arts馆.C., Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, Japan, 和 the Panza Collection in Varese, Italy. 

毕业生在学校担任教授, 许多人也以作家的身份在世界上找到了自己的位置, 画商们, 和策展人, or working in the community as social justice advocates, 教育工作者, 和变革者. Others forge their own paths 和 become innovators in many emerging creative fields. 

groups of people st和ing in front of 和 around artwork in an exhibition
澳门赌场 Fine Arts, Untitled Art Fair, 2019